Batteries - 10 Packs of 6 - Size 675

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These 60 zinc air batteries are mercury free and come in an easy to use packet.


At Amplifon we offer batteries for every type of hearing aid.

This pack contains 10 packets of 6 batteries (60 in total) for hearing aids using size 675 batteries (that is the Blue colour). These zinc air batteries are mercury free and therefore not harmful to the environment.

Hearing aid batteries life

The batteries that we offer for your hearing aid meet all technical standards. They are also suitable for all brands of hearing aids. This type 675 hearing aid battery also has a long lifespan (depending on your consumption, of course).

What size of hearing aid batteries do I need?

You can find out which type you need in the hearing aid user guide.
At Amplifon we offer four types of batteries for your hearing aid. You can easily recognize this by the colour and the type. We offer:

  • Hearing aid battery type 10 (yellow)
  • Hearing aid battery type 13 (orange)
  • Hearing aid battery type 312 (brown)
  • Hearing aid battery type 675 (blue)

If in doubt, your Amplifon hearing care professional is always ready to help!

Battery usage

Depending on your use and the type of hearing aid, a battery lasts about three to ten days. In many cases, the hearing aid will indicate this when the battery is almost empty. For example, you will hear a beep. This beep will become increasingly audible as a sign that the battery needs to be replaced.

Changing the battery

You can easily replace the battery of your hearing aids yourself. You open the battery door fully and take the old battery out of the device. Then remove the sticker from the new battery. You place this with the + side up in your hearing aids. Finally, close the battery door. You will find a more detailed instruction on our website.